Hey there! I'm Alex Pawlowski, and thanks for stopping by. Let me tell you a little about myself

Born and raised in Virginia Beach, I began a PhD program in Energy Science and Engineering at University of Tennessee in June of 2014. With the help of Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Rice University, I am developing a new hybrid manufacturing technique to create metal-metal composites. Lately, my focus in my PhD has been about refining the techniques to characterize this 316L/A356 hybrid composite. You can find more information here. I am hoping that my dissertation puts me on a career path to explore the use of additive manufacturing to improve vehicle efficiency.

I am not only interested in transportation from the automotive side, but, experiences with VDOT and various commitments in undergrad integrated me into bike advocacy and the larger mobility picture. I love Bikes! and I love finding solutions that enable us to move better and be less energy intensive. In addition, I love the humanity aspect of using alternative modes of transportation to reconnect ourselves with our communities and our environments.

At the University of Virginia, I completed a Double Major in Mechanical Engineering and Material Science through the Engineering Science Program. While at UVa I competed with the Triathlon Team at the University of Virginia where I came to love the sport, competing in 12 races and 2 National Championships. My prides and joy were immersing myself with the Green Grounds Group, Virginia Baja Racing, Student Council, Engineering Student Council, and the various other green involvements I found myself in.

While I had a lot of involvements, each one helped me to exercise my diverse passions and push me forward to where I am now. I am still on my journey to find my future career in the future of sustainable transportation via the automotive industry of which I hope to achieve following my completion of my PhD with the Bredesen Center. Follow the stories I’m following and sharing on Twitter: @apawlows.

Thanks for reading!

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